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The 50+ Best Hyperbole Examples in the History of the Universe

Do you want some hyperbole examples so as to add to your inventory of writing abilities?

Are you prepared so as to add pleasure and drama to your work?

You need to use hyperbole in varied methods to make your writing have an even bigger influence on readers.

It’s a superb method for including emphasis when no single phrases are sturdy sufficient to evoke the feeling you need your readers to expertise.


However should you’re unsure which hyperboles will add pizazz to your prose, having some examples may get your artistic juices a-flowin’!

With our record of hyperbole examples, your subsequent writing piece might be the greatest piece of writing ever! (See what I did there?)

Let’s get this present on the street, lets?

hyperbole examples

Hyperbole Definition

Hyperbole is a determine of speech or literary gadget that makes use of deliberate and excessive exaggeration to create a robust emotional response from the reader, emphasize an announcement, or add a way of drama.


For instance, you may say I’m so hungry I may eat a horse.

You couldn’t actually eat a complete horse. Nonetheless, you wish to emphasize how hungry you’re and the way monumental your urge for food is.

Why Use Hyperbole?

There are a lot of causes a author may use hyperbole in their work:

  • You would use hyperbole to magnify some extent.
  • You may wish to emphasize one thing about an occasion, individual, or scenario.
  • You may use it as a rhetorical gadget to steer readers to the narrator’s level of view with a extra compelling argument.

For instance, That copywriting course is the smartest thing ever to occur to copywriters all over the place.


I imply, the course is perhaps good, however for it to be the smartest thing ever for copywriters all over the place is hyperbole.

You may as well use hyperbole to:

  • Make or emphasize some extent
  • Present distinction between two concepts
  • Seize the reader’s consideration
  • Set the scene for the story
  • Add curiosity to an in any other case bland description
  • Add humor to the scenario

You do have to be cautious to not overuse it in your writing. Hyperbole will lose its impact if the whole lot is hyperbolic.

Examples of Hyperbole from On a regular basis Speech

speech bubbles

We frequently use hyperbole in on a regular basis speech to make issues extra dramatic than they are surely. Typically it’s to be humorous, however often it’s to focus on different highly effective feelings.

Listed below are a couple of widespread examples of hyperbole you’ll discover in on a regular basis dialog. What number of instances have you ever used any of the following hyperbolic statements?

  • I’m dying of laughter.
  • This field weighs a ton.
  • I haven’t seen him in one million years.
  • Our neighbor is older than filth.
  • This was the greatest day ever.
  • I waited in line at the pharmacy endlessly.
  • She thought she would die of embarrassment.
  • My sixteenth birthday won’t ever come.
  • This knee brace is killing me.
  • They’ve bought extra money than God.
  • I’ve one million issues to do that week.
  • Their new home price a gazillion {dollars}.
  • Once we have been youthful, we have been so poor we didn’t have two cents to rub collectively.
  • She has tons of make-up.
  • You would’ve knocked me over with a feather.
  • He loves you greater than life itself.
  • I’m so indignant, I may eat a hat.
  • He was dying of thirst.
  • That child is the cutest factor ever.
  • There was an ear-splitting shriek.
  • It’s so chilly, you’ll get hypothermia the second you step exterior.
  • I’m addicted to purchasing books.
  • I’ve been buried beneath a mountain of modifying.
  • That’s the worst factor I’ve ever heard.
  • The chocolate cake was the greatest cake ever.
  • This task goes to be the demise of me.
  • Examples of Hyperbole from Literature

    person writing at a desk

    Writers use hyperbole in literature to emphasise character traits or story themes.

    However extra vital, hyperbole grabs the reader’s consideration and pulls them into the story.

    Let’s dive into some examples.

    27. Previous Instances on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

    I used to be quaking from head to foot, and will have hung my hat on my eyes, they caught out up to now.

    Clearly, it was an exaggeration to say the narrator’s eyes caught out that far, however Twain wished to emphasise the speaker’s concern and shock.

    28. Coronary heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

    I needed to wait in the station for ten days—an eternity.

    Whereas we’re all aware of the issue of ready, we additionally know that ready for ten days isn’t an eternity, even when it feels prefer it in the second.

    29. A Man Might Tear a Jewel by Bhartrihari

    A person could tear a jewel

    From a sea monster’s jaws,

    Cross a tumultuous sea

    Of raging tides,

    Or twine garlandwiseA wrathful serpent on his head.

    However no man can alter

    The ideas of an obstinate idiot.

    Bhartrihari needs us to know how troublesome it’s to persuade somebody they’re improper. He says it could be simpler to wrestle a sea monster for a jewel or wrap a snake round your head.

    30. Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut

    There was a firestorm on the market. Dresden was one large flame. The one flame ate the whole lot natural, the whole lot that might burn.

    Right here Vonnegut makes use of hyperbole to point out the readers how intense and horrifying it was in Dresden proper after the World Warfare II bombing.

    31. Macbeth by William Shakespeare

    Neptune’s ocean wash this blood

    Clear from my hand? No. This hand will somewhat

    The multitudinous seas incarnadine,

    Making the inexperienced one purple.

    Shakespeare makes use of hyperbole to point out how shameful and revolted Macbeth feels after killing King Duncan. He says his palms are so purple with blood that washing them in the sea would flip the sea purple.

    32. As I Walked Out One Night by W.H. Auden

    I’ll love you, pricey, I’ll love you

    Until China and Africa meet,

    And the river jumps over the mountain,

    And the salmon sing in the avenue.

    Auden makes use of hyperbole to point out us his love is so profound, so nice that rivers will bounce over mountains.

    Examples of Hyperbole from Movie & TV

    person watching TV

    Hyperbole in films and television makes for memorable traces we quote repeatedly. What number of of these traces from movie have you ever used in your life?

    33. Toy Story

    To infinity and past!

    34. Elf

    You probably did it! Congratulations! World’s greatest cup of espresso. Nice job, all people.

    35. A Christmas Story

    (Ralphie) I would like an official Pink Ryder, carbine motion, two-hundred shot vary mannequin air rifle! 

    (Mom Parker) No. [You’ll] Shoot your eye out.

    36. Love Story

    Love means by no means having to say you’re sorry.

    37. Despicable Me

    A unicorn! He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

    38. 101 Dalmatians

    I’m hungry, Mom, I’m hungry…I’m so hungry I may eat an entire elephant!

    39. The Sandlot

    (Ham) You desire a s’extra? (Smalls) I haven’t had something but, so how can I’ve some extra of nothing?

    (Ham) You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

    40. Magnificence and the Beast

    After I was a lad, I ate 4 dozen eggs each morning to assist me get giant. And now that I’m grown, I eat 5 dozen eggs, so I’m roughly the measurement of a barge.

    41. From The Princess Bride

    You mocked me as soon as. By no means do it once more! I died that day! You possibly can die, too, for all I care!

    42. Titanic

    I’m king of the world!

    43. Gone With the Wind

    As God is my witness, I’ll by no means go hungry once more.

    44. Previous Spice Promoting

    Keep in mind these wild Previous Spice commercials with fast-moving and over-the-top imagery that saved you glued to the TV and hanging on to each phrase?

    Like this one:

    That is by design.

    You see, visible hyperbole in promoting is crazy-effective at gaining our consideration and showcasing product options and advantages, a minimum of that’s what the science says.

    Not solely does visible hyperbole make the advert entertaining, however the humorous impact leaves a robust impression that helps you bear in mind the product too.

    Speak about a win-win.

    Examples of Hyperbole from Songs

    microphone with music notes

    Hyperbole helps songwriters paint a vivid image for the listener. Listed below are some examples you may discover acquainted.

    45. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

    However I’d stroll 5 hundred miles

    And I’d stroll 5 hundred extra

    Simply to be the man who walked a thousand miles

    To fall down at your door

    46. I’d Lie for You (And That’s the Fact) by Meatloaf

    I’d lie for you, and that’s the fact.

    Do something you ask me to

    I’d even promote my soul for you

    I’d do all of it for you

    In the event you simply imagine in me.

    47. Grenade by Bruno Mars

    I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    I’d bounce in entrance of a prepare for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    I’d do something for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)

    48. Clean Area by Taylor Swift:

    Boys solely need love if it’s torture

    Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t warn ya

    49. It’s Raining Males by The Climate Ladies

    It’s raining males, hallelujah

    It’s raining males, each specimen

    Tall, blonde, darkish, and lean

    Tough and difficult and robust and imply

    50. So Blissful I Might Die by Woman Gaga

    Blissful in the membership, with a bottle of purple wineStars in our eyes ’trigger we’re having a very good time

    Eh-eh, eh-eh

    So comfortable I may die

    51. Cry Me a River by Ella Fitzgerald

    Now you say you’re lonely

    You cried the lengthy night time by means of

    Properly, you may cry me a river

    Cry me a river

    I cried a river over you

    52. Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack

    Strumming my ache together with his fingers

    Singing my life together with his phrases

    Killing me softly together with his track

    Killing me softly together with his track

    Telling my complete life together with his phrases

    Killing me softly together with his track

    Editor’s Word: I’ve linked to the Fugees cowl of Killing Me Softly as a result of my spouse used to sing this model after we did Karaoke each Sunday night time.

    Yup, I was cool. Type of.

    – Pat

    (PS: Sorry, Roberta Flack)

    53. Pals In Low Locations by Garth Brooks

    I’ve bought mates in low locations

    The place the whiskey drowns

    And the beer chases my blues away

    And I’ll be okay

    Associated Phrases

    chart showing hyperbole connected with simile, metaphor, and idiom

    Hyperbole is typically confused with similes, metaphors, or idioms.

    Simile and metaphor are literary phrases used for comparisons, idioms are distinctive expressions, and hyperbole makes use of dramatic exaggeration to make some extent.

    Hyperbole vs. Simile

    A Simile makes use of the phrases like or as to make a comparability, however the comparability lacks the exaggeration of hyperbole.

    Let’s have a look at the following simile.

    Her smile was as brilliant as the solar. 

    It’s a bit of an exaggeration as nothing is as brilliant as the solar. However the level is made that she has a brilliant, participating smile. And it’s not an sudden comparability.

    Now, have a look at an analogous sentence utilizing hyperbole.

    That smile may transfer mountains. (Kylie Scott)

    Now that’s an exaggerated, attention-grabbing assertion of hyperbole. In spite of everything, whereas one’s smile is perhaps dazzling, it’s by no means going to maneuver mountains.

    Hyperbole vs. Metaphor

    The distinction between hyperbole and a metaphor is delicate however vital.

    Hyperbole makes use of exaggeration to explain one thing, whereas metaphors use one factor to characterize one thing else.

    For instance, if I have been to say, It’s the North Pole on the market, you’d know that I’m evaluating how chilly it’s outdoor to the frigid temperatures of the North Pole.

    Now think about this story from Paul Bunyan.

    Properly now, one winter it was so chilly that each one the geese flew backward and all the fish moved south and even the snow turned blue.

    Paul makes use of deliberate and comedic exaggeration to explain simply how chilly that winter was.

    Hyperbole vs. Idiom

    An idiom is a phrase whose that means is unclear based mostly on the phrases used.

    For instance, should you say, I’m going to hit the sack, most individuals will know that you simply aren’t actually beating up fabric luggage. They perceive that it’s an expression that means you’re going to mattress.

    On the different hand, hyperbole is an exaggeration used to emphasise some extent. For instance, I’m so drained I want toothpicks to carry my eyes open. Everyone knows it to be an exaggerated assertion calling consideration to how drained you’re.

    Are You Able to Use These Hyperbole Examples In Your Writing?

    These hyperbole examples are a superb useful resource in your artistic writing endeavors.

    The subsequent time you should add a flashy or gripping component to your story, you may flip to hyperbole to reel your readers in and hold them hooked.

    Whether or not you’re writing poetry or songs or the subsequent Nice American Novel, including hyperbole to your work could make it the smartest thing since the invention of sliced bread.

    Which hyperbole will you employ first?

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