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What we do and don’t know about the Omicron Covid-19 variant

Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19, has gripped the entrance pages ever since the World Well being Group labeled it a variant of concern final Friday, however what does Omicron imply for journey, the upcoming holidays, and the pandemic as a complete? Right here’s what it’s good to know:

  • What is Omicron? Omicron is the new variant of Covid-19. It was first detected and recognized in South Africa and given the designation B.1.1.529. The WHO classified Omicron as a variant of concern on November 26, 2021.
  • What is a variant of concern? All viruses continually mutate, and Covid-19 is not any completely different. Most of those mutations are innocent, however some might result in the virus changing into extra transmissible, extra lethal, or each. WHO classifies some new variants as “variants of curiosity” (VOI) or “variants of concern” (VOC). VOI’s are variants which will result in elevated transmission, illness, or loss of life, so they’re monitored carefully. A VOC is a variant that has been demonstrated to trigger elevated transmission, illness, or loss of life. WHO says the choice to call Omicron as a VOC “was based mostly on the proof offered to the TAG-VE [WHO’s Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution] that Omicron has a number of mutations which will have an effect on the way it behaves, for instance, on how simply it spreads or the severity of sickness it causes.”
  • What makes Omicron completely different? The Omicron variant has over 30 mutations in a key spike protein, reports CNN. The modifications to this key spike protein could influence how effectively it binds with human cells, which might imply it spreads extra simply than Delta or is ready to higher evade vaccines.
  • Is Omicron extra transmissible? There’s some early proof that it could be, however elevated transmissibility has not been confirmed but.
  • Does Omicron result in extra extreme illness or is it deadlier? That’s one thing scientists don’t have the reply to but.
  • The place has Omicron unfold to? At the time of this writing, Bloomberg says Omicron has unfold to the following nations: South Africa, Botswana, Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Isreal, Italy, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Portugal. Nonetheless, Omicron is nearly actually in different nations already.
  • Is Omicron in the United States? Omicron has not been detected in the United States but, however there’s a excessive chance the variant has already been launched in the nation. We could hear at any time that Omicron has been detected in the U.S.
  • How will Omicron have an effect on journey? It’s already affecting journey. Many nations have banned vacationers from South Africa and different southern African nations, reports Reuters. Israel has also effectively shut its borders once more, and Japan has closed its borders to international vacationers, too.
  • How will Omicron influence the upcoming holidays? That’s unknown at this level. If Omicron is discovered to be as unhealthy as some worry, some nations could implement lockdowns or extra journey restrictions over the holidays.
  • How will Omicron influence the total pandemic? That, too, is unknown at this level.
  • Are the present vaccines efficient towards Omicron? Once more, that’s not one thing scientists can reply at this level. Nonetheless, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated our present vaccines are prone to supply “a level of safety towards extreme instances of COVID” (via Reuters).
  • What are the signs of Omicron? Once more, no official signs are recognized. Nonetheless, as CNBC reports, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who first alerted the world to Omicron, says the signs she’s seen in sufferers are “uncommon” in comparison with Delta and are “extraordinarily gentle.” Coetzee famous experiences of physique aches, complications, tiredness, and scratchy throats–however no experiences of lack of odor or style or bouts of coughing, which are sometimes signs of Delta.
  • When will we have definitive solutions about Omicron? Most scientists and governments say it is going to be a couple of extra weeks earlier than we have extra certainty over the traits of Omicron and what it means for the pandemic as a complete. As Reuters reports, on Sunday Dr. Anthony Fauci advised President Biden definitive solutions will take two extra weeks.
  • How can I keep secure from Omicron? For now, the World Well being Group says folks ought to proceed utilizing the greatest practices they’ve for delta and different variants: social distance, put on masks, get vaccinated.

The best steps people can take to cut back the unfold of #COVID19 – incl. Omicron, Delta:
– Maintain a secure distance
– Put on a well-fitting masks
– Open home windows; keep away from poorly ventilated, crowded areas
– Clear arms
– Cough, sneeze right into a bent elbow/tissue
– Get vaccinated

— World Well being Group (WHO) (@WHO) November 28, 2021


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